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Willpower Harris is a social entrepreneur that donates his company profits from Willpower Consultation to helping humanity through Willpower Humanitarian Foundation Incorporated, a 501c3 organization. The success of Willpower Humanitarian Foundation is a contribution to making the world a better place. Willpower Humanitarian Foundation focuses on women empowerment, child education and peace efforts in India, Ghana, the U.K. and the U.S.A.

Willpower Outreach Programs

Teenage mothers receive education certification assistance

Aged Out
Foster Kids

Thousands of young people are within the protection of the US government through the Foster Care system. This protection and assistance occurs until the young adult turns 18 or ages out at 21. Most are vacating the program at the age of 18 without adequate preparation to take care of themselves in life. Willpower Humanitarian is dedicated to helping Foster Children who near aging out of the system; equipping Foster Children with life skills, job skills and life essentials for living a productive life post foster care. Willpower Harris created a program called A.I.M. to progress Foster Care participants through a three step process and graduation to having the skills needed to provide them with a fighting chance at life success.

Elmina Girls
Catholic School

During a vacation in Ghana Africa, Willpower Harris visited Elmina Ghana, former site of slave auctions and slave exporting around the world. Willpower Harris identified an all-girls school whose brother school had electricity but the all-girls school was left lacking electricity. Personally, funding the wiring and connection of electricity to the school, Willpower Harris brought POWER to the girls. Girl Power led to a new 2017 project to build a library through Willpower Humanitarian Foundation and begin a pen pal program with girls in Elmina and girls in the USA.

Orphanage Sponsorships, SMS & Gangtok Scholarships


A man named Martin quit his job in order to teach orphans how to read. The guardians and warlords over the children objected to him teaching the kids; because it interfered with their profession of begging. The For this action, Martin was placed into an Indian jail for four months.

Students 7 and 8 years old rose up and protested until their teacher was released. Willpower Harris went to visit the Martin and 500 orphans children who lived with him in a destitute environment. Martin named his school: The ? School. Pronounced "The Question Mark School". The founder said he had more Questions when he started then he had answers. "How will they eat?" "How will we teach them all?" Willpower Harris replied during the first meeting, "Today the questions get answers."

After the visit, Willpower decided to fully fund The ? School.

Willpower Scholarships

Kolkata Village Compassion

Willpower Foundation has been associated with Sreema Mahila Samiti, a Non-profit organization outside of Kolkata, West Bengal, since 2013. The association works for women empowerment and supports tribal children education. Willpower Harris supports more than 100 tribal children and 30 college students in their education through this organization.

Himalayan Hills Compassion

Willpower Harris, in associate with Samuel Darnal, supports the education of 70 children from GenNext Academy School Gangtok, East Sikkim at the base region of the Himalayans near Nepal.

Under Willpower Harris’ guidance the team create system for the upbringing of the students in different area according to their skills. The team in association with the school work together to ensure each student can perform at their best.

What gives us immense pleasure is that we have been instrumental in helping and changing lives.

Global Outreach Programs

Facebook Outreach

I started this Facebook page for my first book called "WillPower Now". In June 2013 my page started to grow fast with new Facebook fans in India. The more I focused on helping people...the more the page grew. I began getting messages every day from people needing help, advice, support, and love.

I helped them all. Those who were depressed I taught to be happy. Those who were damaged by fear, I helped to heal. Those who had questions, I helped to find their answers.

Every day, I get a new message from a new fan...seeking help. And I have a team of volunteers who I train to help our fans: The Willpower Warriors. They are the best team in the world; dedicated to helping people improve their mind, body, and spirit. I am very proud of the Willpower Warriors.

My average Facebook fan is 17-24 years old, female and in college. I have over 650K little sisters I advise in India…and that number grows each week.

ABC's Of Success

Students can spend most of their educational life learning facts, and leave their educational institution without learning the facts of life. The importance of a person's EQ (Emotional Intelligence), is a growing requirement for career advancement and growth. More and more colleges are being selected and hailed as great based on the greatness of their graduating student's EQ and soft skills.

ABC's of Success is an Emotional Intelligence workshop designed for 4th year or 3rd year college students. It is an interactive three-hour workshop focusing on students achieving success; both while in college and their post college lives. Each hour of the workshop is dedicated to providing techniques that develop a winner's attitude, adopt a winner's behavior, and increases the ability to handle stress and quickly adapt to change. ABC's of Success is educational, motivational, and fun.



Attitude is more important than talent. Many talented people end badly because of a bad attitude. A winning attitude makes the difference in performance. Students learn to perform well under pressure, manage time wisely, and remain motivated based on their own goals and independent of any negative environment.



Students are asked "What is your brand…as a person, student, friend or employee?" Whatever you are known for is your brand. Students learn strategies to practice behaviors which lead to strong willpower, patience and happiness while pursuing their goals.



Throughout life, students are tested on their ability to handle things that are out of their control. The workshop teaches techniques to help them control the unplanned challenges in their life. Successful people adapt to the unexpected easier than others because they utilize a specific process for overcoming challenges. That process is introduced in the workshop.
Most people are hired for their hard skills, but they are fired because of their soft skills. The ABC's of Success equip students with the soft skills to raise their emotional intelligence and succeed after school in the workforce.

Large Group Speeches






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