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Power Prospecting is a workshop that improves a sales person’s ability to attract new customers. Participants experience a strong learning environment which combines lecture, workshops, and role plays. It is based on the bestselling book and sales program created by Will Harris.

Power Prospecting is more than a learning experience; it is a sharing experience. Conducted by WillPower Consultation, each trainer comes with at least a decade of experience cold calling and conducting sales training. The training course is extremely interactive; allowing a participant to share their selling experience and have others share their prospecting experience. The training is the perfect combination of instructor led teaching, group discussions, individual exercises and role-plays.

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Module One - Prospecting Mindset

NLP is used to empower participants to become excited about prospecting. Psychology of Prospecting is introduced and participants become excited about the opportunity to prospect.

Module Two – Prioritization and Time Management

Utilizing a system that consistently fosters keeping the sales funnel full and being in control of the sales day. Eliminate procrastination and block time wasters.

Module Three – Speed Reading People

There are four types of people. Learn to speed read a person in 15 seconds, then adjust your style to that type of customer.

Module Four - Utilizing the Gatekeeper

Developing a message that targets the gatekeeper; participants are empowered to gather critical information from gatekeepers use when speaking with the decision maker.

Module Five – Opening Statements

Developing and positioning a strong attention grabbing opening statement.

Action Plan – Feedback & Questions

The participants develop an action plan on how to prepare for their next day’s calls.

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