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When your event is critically important, you need the creditability of a best-selling author, with the authority that comes with a $1.1 billion corporate track record, humanitarian heart and unparalleled energy sprouting contagious success.

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1. Knowledgeable Subject Matter Expert
Willpower Harris wrote 11 books and has two #1 Amazon Best Sellers. Participants at every event receive a signed copy of a Willpower Harris book.
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2. Dynamic Speaker Full of Energy & Laughter
Willpower Harris worked for the greatest sales trainer that ever lived: Zig Ziglar. Willpower learned from Mr. Ziglar the importance of having an energetic style, showmanship and personal integrity. With over 18 years’ experience, see the video that delighted Mr. Ziglar and his staff back in 1999.

3. Willpower Harris is a TEDx speaker
Willpower Harris regularly speaks at sales conferences, quarterly business reviews, and sales meetings; including Verizon which does business with 98% of Fortune 500 companies globally. Verizon regularly requests Willpower Harris to speak on their behalf at corporate events.

4. Master Sales Technician with Global Experience
Willpower Harris knows Sales Training, formerly the Global Sales Training Director for Motorola Solutions. Willpower teaches cutting edge sales techniques for channel sales, direct sales, inside sales, outside sales, internet sales, D2D sales, government sales, SMB and enterprise sales.

5. Rainmaker That Grows Sales Now
Willpower Harris is responsible for impacting $1.1 Billion in annual revenue for his existing clientele; Willpower Harris conducted one seminar and the sales team did over $1M in their sales funnel the next day.

6. More Than A Speaker
If you are looking for transformative change or next level thinking, you need one of Willpower’s 2-7 hour growth seminars to follow his keynote, or the coaching programs relied upon by top executives.

7. Nerves of Steel
Willpower Harris has spoken to live audiences of over ½ million people at a time. Willpower Harris delivers international humanitarian messages including, “We are one.” and “We need peace.”

8. Social Media Mogul
Willpower Harris is a social media subject matter expert with one million social media followers to prove it. His Facebook page Willpower Now by Will Harris provides daily motivation and inspiration. In addition, his team of Willpower Warriors provide guidance and coaching on the page.

9. Humanitarian
Willpower Harris created Willpower Humanitarian Foundation which empowers women, children and those poverty stricken throughout the world. Half of his income goes directly to charity. The Foundation sponsors the educational advancement of an all-girls school in Ghana, an Indian orphanage, and at-risk youth in Virginia and Maryland.

10. Real World Coaching
Willpower Harris specializes in the tough. This includes employees who “know everything” and managers needing “more polished” delivery methods. Willpower Harris has proven ideas (not just theory) backed by an annual billion dollar corporate track record for helping clients make mission critical decisions. He’s the go to for the toughest employee or management scenarios.

Keynotes that Get Results

Each program offers your choice of online programs, in-person programs, or a combination of both!

Why is Willpower Harris the First choice for Sales Managers?

Because he does more than a KEYNOTE

Each program offers Powerful Keynotes, Seminars and Coaching
to that elevates your sales teams to another level!

Greetings! Let us know your event details and contact info so we can help you out.

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